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love your brother

sorry about this, but I don’t think this song made it to the blog.  it was supposed to be August 13th, but I was traveling.. so using other people’s computers messed me up once or twice.  it’s always been on the August album on bandcamp but I’m putting it on here just in case any of you missed it.  think of it as a flashback if you’ve already heard it somehow.  I don’t know what I’m doing, obviously.

the pic is a dual selfie.. me and my brother, Colin at a pub in Madison, WI having a pint reflected in the bar mirror.. oh, and if a bar doesn’t have a mirror behind it, I’m uncomfortable.  it’s an old-fashioned bar decor thing that goes back at least as far as the old west, but probably is a European public house convention.  in any case, I love bars with opposite mirrors.  therefore, this pub is awesome.


you gotta love your brother right

you got to love your sister right
you got to love each other right
you got to love one another
I’m not a child of the 60’s but
you got to love another
you got to love each other right

me and colin

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