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woe is me

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top of the mountain

the view of Haeundae and islands from Jangsan Mountain, Busan, South Korea


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haeundae sunset

unbesmirched by my voice and in time-lapse.

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evidence that I’m a nerd:

  1. I frequently add my 2 cents in discussions on FB about Star Wars, Role Playing Games, etc.
  2. I haven’t given a rat’s ass about clothes or fashion since I was in my early 20’s.
  3. I get my hair cut 3 times a year and as cheaply as possible.
  4. I play computer games – a lot.
  5. I listen to podcasts and read books about science and variously nerdy enterprises.
  6. I use words like “variously” and “enterprises”.
  7. Some of my heroes are scientists, philosophers, and special effects and sound designers for science fiction films and I know them by name.
  8. I wish I was Carl Sagan.
  9. I don’t know who even played in the last superbowl or world series.
  10. I don’t capitalize “superbowl” or “world series”, not out of ignorance, but a brazen lack of respect.  (I should note that sometimes I willingly suspend disdain and enjoy watching sports, but I’m not really into the game, I just like the people I’m watching it with, especially if there is beer involved.)
  11. I liked and understood  (I think) Inception and Cloud Atlas.
    1. Almost everyone I like and love exhibits at least some nerdy characteristics (and those characteristics are usually what drew me to them in the first place).
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daleks fear dogs

I don’t know if they do.   my wife came home and one of the dogs barked during my favorite take (hoho.. like I did multiple takes.. so lazy) so my daleks fear dogs.  sorry Stephen Moffat.

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doctor who is awesome

seriously.  we just finished season 5 and if I didn’t know it continued past 2010, I’d think it was the END of the entire franchise.  Stephen Moffat is a genius!

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michael stipe

i said i would stop doing impressions of my friends.. not applicable to celebrities I wish were my friend

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come on, Bethesda

this is a bit poorly timed because Bethesda just announced they are, in fact, releasing all 3 sets of DLC (downloadable content) for Skyrim (a game that I love) on PS3 (Playstation3, which I have) in February.  I recorded this a while ago and thought I’d just post it before it was ridiculously timed instead of just poorly timed.  follow me?  well stop following me or I’ll have you arrested.

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semantic satiation (or semantic saturation) game!! fun!

Chris Coffin, you know this game!  play it with me!!

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coincidence? i think not

there you go, Poor Laika.. it can be done.

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