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Happy Birthday to Mi-sun

It’s a silly idea.. but Happy Birthday, dear.

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It was a great day, nonetheless.  Misun and I got our hair cut together (she looks awesome.. I wish I had as much hair as she does.. if scalps were printers, I’d be 300 dpi and she’d be in the thousands – thick black hair for days) and afterwards we discovered a great restaurant with a lunch special.  And I did make 3 songs.  Now back to computer games.  🙂  No, scratch that.. it was a FANTASTIC day that I won’t let my preconceived good intentions frown upon.

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“18 x “24 by Jarod Timmerman

“18x”24 by Jerod Timmerman

Inspired by this painting by my friend Jarod Timmerman.  He’s really amazing and if you follow the link by clicking on the painting, you’ll see what I mean.

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Mike and Kyoungmi’s Wedding

Mike Laveck and Kim Kyoungmi got married on 2/24/13 and this is part of what I experienced while attending.  Congratulations, you two!!


Everyone came back to see the wedding 
David Scraggs had really short hair Angry Steve told the story of his nickname 
There were 4 bartenders at a single table 

Roy sang well 
Vasana played well 

Everyone ate tons 
and Jeff’s a vegetarian 
Nurungjitang is delicious

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who do you answer to?

yes, yes.. to whom do you answer?.  what-ev-uh.  [guitarists:  tune the G string up to A and you get these beautiful 9 chords.. try it!]

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good dream

after finishing it, I noticed that it’s very much like a song called “The Gateway” by Lizards From Afar.   Sorry Matt.

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Albino Sewer-Gator Patrol song

Inspired by Colin’s hilarious sketch, this guy needed to be fleshed out a little more.  He’s mean, lean, armed, focused, ripped (6-pack), and his unibrow says “I means business.”

Albino Gator Patrol

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Ol’ Young Island


I filmed myself doing today’s daily and made it into a (rather amateurish) music video.  Rita and I visited our good friend Nelson at his home on Young Island just off of Busan’s shores (Youngdo).

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what to do

you know you’ve had days like this.

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afternoons like this

quite relaxed and chilled.  Very Lou Reed-like.  I half expect to hear him start talking about a homeless dude in a back alley in NYC.

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