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freak magnet!

I don’t wanna be a
freak magnet
sometimes i’m so nice
i end up on the bottom
of somebody’s shoe
it’s true

freak magnet!

i don’t wanna be nice enough
that people walk all over me
day by day
but I don’t wanna be an asshole

freak magnet!

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I want to be in a BAND

I want to be in a band
that is not an outreach program
that does not ignore its hometown
money is the target of fools
money is not the endgame
that jams and has fun
that doesn’t consider itself a commodity
have a manifesto
and stick to it
I wanna be in a band!!!!

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Busan spring


Busan in springtime
hold on to your soul
red, white
leather and tight

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unstable universe


in light of new information
about the weight of the Higgs boson
it is entirely possible
that our universe in not stable
a wave annihilation
destroying everything in its path
moving across the universe
at the speed of light
but don’t panic
it won’t happen for billions of years

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not enough hours

if there was (sic) time
I’d say ‘yes’
to every project
that was put in front of me
cos I want to

but there are just
not enough hours in the day
you know what I mean

when I say
not enough hours in the day
everyone knows that
you know
I would eat everything in sight
because I would have enough time
to exercise it all away

there’s not enough hours in the day
THERE ARE not enough hours in the day

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case in point

Matt and I were talking about how some short songs are fine short.. they feel done when they end. Poorly made short songs just sound half-assed.. given up on. I suggested that one characteristic of these songs is an intro that implies a longer development that just isn’t delivered. This is an exaggerated example of that.

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chickens are funny

chickenrunthe funny thing about chickens is that everything about chickens is funny. They look funny, sound funny, walk funny, run funny, eat funny, the word “chicken” is funny. What’s really hilarious is when they try running and slip on ice. Wings fly everywhere and they make a great surprised sound.

The only thing not funny about a chicken is the egg. Those are seriously delicious.

[taken nearly verbatim from an email from my brother]

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tone poem #1

Misun and I ate out, came back and played Tiger Woods PGA on the PS3 for hours, so I grabbed this from my reserve pile of songs.  Sorry.  3 day weekend is underway.. I’ll have new stuff tomorrow.

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short songs


short songs are not so bad
short songs shouldn’t make you mad

I’ve never been one
to outstay my welcome
I get to the point
and pass the mic along

it’s the essence of levity
the soul of wit is brevity
say what you want
and pass it along
(short songs)


I totally get your point, though, Andrew and Matt.  Some of these could stand to be fleshed out a lot more, and I will (I assure you) get to them in good time.  But for now, this is a project that emphasizes quantity and the habit of creativity.. nature, rather than nurture.  The shotgun approach.  Fire off hundreds of ideas and some will stick for sure.  I hope to get good enough to either do a 3-4 minute pop song per day OR.. be good enough to make one minute songs that feel finished by the end.  That takes skill and I’m working on that.

Another thing I want to point out that is probably not apparent to the listener is that through these daily micro-songs, I’m learning a lot about the recording process itself.  The rate of experimentation/trial and error is very much increased in a daily project like this, and I don’t want to lose that aspect of it in return for longer, more time-consuming song development.  Having said that, I still very much don’t blame you for wanting to threaten me with a nailbat.  And I hope you continue listening anyway.

-with absolute sincerity,


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