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a clever expression

why not Dubai or Morocco?a clever expression
they had dollar tequila shots at Eva’s Ticket
the burgers are the best ever
there you go with your hyperbole againif it don’t make dollars
it don’t make senseit’s a clever expression
but I don’t like the concept

all I heard about was
Bruins vs. the Blackhawks
and when Chicago won
they all

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how far away is heaven?

alone in a crowd how far away

an orgy of cash
changing hands
stepping outside
impaled rubber manikins
I forget my name
humor is all that can save me now

“how far away is heaven?”
he asked
his little hand
gripping harder
his mother…

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I wanna be done

I wanna be done

[Note:  I more or less like my job and I’m not really talking about myself here.. It’s a really common theme in LIFE… (if an actor plays Oedipus, no one in the audience thinks HE, the actor, wants to get busy with his mom, right?) as for me, I used to talk like this all the time, in my head.  not about my mom,  .. oh, just listen to the song.)

I wanna be done workin’ at a job
I only wanna do what I wanna do
if I do I will bother you

You say it’s called retirement
but I don’t care
for the age requirement

I wanna be done workin’ at a job
I wanna only do what I wanna do
I promise: I will bother you

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air guitar hero

he drops the F-bomb

air guitar hero

like it’s his “thing”
he goes to the bar
he’s 43
he’s got a backwards baseball cap
and his Hawks jersey
he’s throwin’ down tequila shots
“it’s gonna be epic, bruh”

it’s a matter of time
before he gets his hands on the jukebox

he’s gonna play air guitar
he’s gonna rock his c*ck off

the girls at the other table
are just trying to enjoy
their girls’ night out
and they’re lookin’
they’re lookin’ at the bartender
they’re checkin’ him out, yeah

but the guys just finished their
buffalo wings
they’re thinkin’ ’bout
sexual things
they think they’re about
15 situps away
from bangin’ each one of them

enter the air guitar hero hero

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gravity waves

AUTOTUNE.. don’t knock it til you try it?  ok.  that was really fun, but I’m still anti-it.

GRAVITY WAVES… don’t knock it until you’ve literally shaken a star.

gravity waves

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swing it!


swing it

swing it to your left
swing it to your other left

swing your caboose
swing it ’til it’s nice and loose

swing it to the right
swing it ’til it’s tight

can you feel it?
can I feel it?

swing it to your left
swing it like you got nothin’ left

swing it all night
swing it to the right
swing it all day
swing it every day
swing it away
swing it on back!

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Saturday Triptych

Alex & Katie

Saturday Triptych

meet Kester Evans
as we discuss evolution
through brain regions
breast size
artificial selection
and the word “monkily”
is coined

Ray Ray
and Jordan
played some
of the most
gorgeous acoustic
music I’ve
ever heard

I’ll see you at Beached, Eugene
Get well soon, Misun
Happy Birthday, Tara
Nice to meet you, Alex & Katie
Bob Dylan on the stereo
Sly Stone on the stereo
Marvin Gaye on the stereo
Prince on the screen
& enough wine to paralyze a small nation of hobos
or one room of teachers

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smear campaign

it’s a smear campaign


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