Saturday Night Live

If you don’t already know.. I’m writing and recording a song for every day of 2013 and posting them here.  This is the 203rd song so far.


It’s about the cast of Saturday Night Live losing at least 2 of its strongest members.  I think Jason Sudekis is leaving too.  And I read somewhere that Weekend Update host Seth Meyers is leaving mid-season next.  They lost Kristen Wiig last season and she was the funniest member in many years.
They do have some really good new members, particularly Kate McKinnet and Cecily Strong, who I think have been turning in great work early on in their careers at SNL.  I’d like to see more of Nasim Pedrad, who I think is excellent but hasn’t been allowed to really shine yet.  Terran Killam is brilliant, I think, and when he learns how to reign it in when needed, he’s going to be one of the historical greats of SNL.

Well, this has turned into a very bloggy thing today.  Quite uncharacteristic.

Maybe it’s because the song itself is the shortest one so far.  14 seconds.


I hope Bill Hader and Fred Armisen 
left SNL of their own volition 
otherwise, the producers may require 
psychiatric evaluation

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Night Live

  1. Matt says:

    Wow, 203 already? The year is going to over in a snap of the fingers. Then what are you going to do? TWO Songs a day for 2014?

    BTW, I’m still “working” on my French song, or well, I just haven’t gotten time to record. My “occasionals” are much easier than your “dailies.”

    • damnsight says:

      I always think of this lyric by Lou Reed…

      “No matter what I did it never seemed enough
      He said I was lazy, I said I was young
      He said, “How many songs did you write”
      I’d written zero, I’d lied and said, “Ten”

      You won’t be young forever
      You should have written fifteen
      It’s work”

      [“Work” from Songs for Drella by Lou Reed
      (talking about Warhol)]

  2. dunnec says:

    Crap! I missed a day 200 anniversary song! Love this one by the way! The hand clappy stomps are fun fun fun (with your song this sentence can be sung)!

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