The Last One

365 songs in 365 days. I feel great. Thanks go to YOU for listening to however few or many you did. And special thanks to the +1’ers on Google+, and LIkers on FB and Tumblr. Most of all, thank you to the commentators.. I would likely have given up somewhere along the way were it not for your feedback and support. (Matt, Colin Dunne, Brother Colin, Mom & DOD, Andrew Locke, Marlynsuarezexconde, Adam Griffin, Kevin Smith, Eric Bouton, Denny Boynton and all you others.. THANK YOU)

please DO NOT unsubscribe, I’ll be back with QUALITY over QUANTITY in 2015.


the last one
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3 thoughts on “The Last One

  1. Matt says:

    Very introspective finale. Bravo, Gordon!

    I might have to burn some CDs of these, but how to categorize them is a question: just use each month as its own collection, or create “mix tapes” like “The Rock Dailies,” “the ambient dailies,” “the classical dailies,” etc.

    Curious to hear what your next music project will be.

    • damnsight says:

      Thank you, Matt. Your comments helped keep it going, for sure.
      I’m thinking about how to categorise them too. The first compilation will likely be chill/electronica instrumentals.

  2. dunnec says:

    Congratulations Gordon. You are the wind beneath my wings!

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