Silicate Rain (2014) by Damn Sight

cover06Silicate Rain (2014) by Damn Sight

This is the new album.  Get ready for music that refuses to get in your face.. ambient, instrumental, atmospheric, experimental, largely electronic.  I hope you like it.  -Gordon (Damn Sight)

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4 thoughts on “Silicate Rain (2014) by Damn Sight

  1. Matt says:

    Well, duh, dude. Already downloading… When do I get it in vinyl?

    • damnsight says:

      Some.. glorious day.
      wouldn’t it be amazing to drop the needle on your OWN RECORD?? I hope I live to experience that.

      • Matt says:

        Until that glorious time arrives, I am going to burn this album to CD. I seem to listen in the car more than anywhere else and prefer CD listening to iPod these days.

  2. dunnec says:

    Late comment. I really enjoyed this Gordon. Well done again!

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