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curly cue birthday

curly cue is poorlaika.bandcamp.com
go listen to his music!


Its a curly Q birthday and he is cool its a curly Q curly Q birthday and he is no fool its a curly Q birthday birthday birthday he pees in the pool he’s pasta fazul he starting to drool he is cool he is no fool happy birthday


curly cue birthday
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Beatle chord

Beatle chord

I did the research and this is apparently NOT the voicing that they used on the record.  but I think it sounds more like it than the scholars’ conclusion.  it includes a D that Paul played on the bass.. yeah, the wrong octave, but it’s there.  so I think it’s the closest thing you can get on a single six string with no bass.. so nyeah.  I’m sticking to it.

as for the diagram:  I want to blow this up and frame it and hang it in my future (fantasy) studio so that guitarist Beatle fans will take one look and instantly like me and accept me as on of their own. they will chuckle and put beers in my hands and say how they wish we’d met earlier and we have much to talk about. then they’ll put on their favorite Beatle LPs (there is a fricking killer vintage high-end record player in my future fantasy studio control room and a fridge and a PS5) and we’ll all tell all our favorite Beatle stories, always agreeing that John was the best even though Paul was and is (Paul lives forever in my future fantasy world) great for reasons that are really not fair to compare with John’s skillset and imagination. Then we’ll say, gee, it’s 4am, where did the time go? then they’ll leave right after we make plans to start a band that doesn’t really sound like the Beatles, but stays true to all the great values that that band held dear like originality, catchiness, rocking backbeats, guitars are king, simple groovy drumbeats, innovation, imagination, experimentation and good old fashioned integrity in songwriting.
how’s that for a divertimento that took longer to read than the song I recorded in 36 seconds?

oh, and of course, all that above will never happen if they think I got the chord wrong.  then the fantasy will end right after they say, “you got it wrong, man” and they leave thinking I’m a moron.

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Seamus Heaney

Seamus Heane died today
gather round people to hear what I say
his translation of Beowulf
is considered the academic gold-standard

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It was…

How was my trip?

Slide 1


(pictured: mom’s copy of our family’s recipe for hungarian goulash and dumplings.. passed down countless generations)



It was a lot of
construction on I-90
It was a game of Wi-Fi hot spot hop scotch

It was me trying to not seem unhip
to the staggering,
wide world of craft beers
(Remember when a few varieties of Sam Adams was all you had to know about? Now, I don’t know.)

It was a crash course in Harry Potter,
everything about Harry Potter
from my niece, Sylvia
(she turned 10)

It was jamming on banjos
It was coffee and biscotti
It was absinthe and sugar cubes
Space Case and Mr. Ro..ck!
Kick out the Jams

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for the record, i’m not implying someone is hating on or judging my friends.  it might sound that way.  damnable vague lyrics!

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