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zip it out

Dave Chappelle is one of my favorite comics. I hope he doesn’t sue me for using part of his bit in this song.


zip it up
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Jun’s kit

from Dailies: November 2013, released 01 November 2013
all source sounds were recorded in Jun’s bar “SLOW” in Haeundae tonight.. primarily, his excellent drum kit. Ambient noise is also heard: music played on his sound system and the voices of the good patrons within. Cheers, Jun, Jason, and friends! Hope to see you soon. (pic by Jason Klein)

jun's kit

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this old bass

a lot of what you hear on this is the cuttlebass in action

this old bass

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turn off your filter


You set yourself up like a 2 barreled duck shot you knock yourself down off the edge of my shoulder you lift yourself up and lick all you got you push yourself down you’re getting nothing but older turn off the filter just turn off your filter turn it off you eat it up cuz it feels so good with your brain turned off you repeat it all I’m amazed you memorized it you set me off like a 2 barreled buckshot I can’t not cuz your ignorance is mesmerizing turn off the filter just turn off your filter turn it off turn it off everyone is tuning you out turn off the filter turn off your filter turned it off

 turn off your filter

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dance geek

[yet another.. maybe could fit after the last song (same tempo)] (say.. I’m thinking maybe next month, or december could be every song segues into the next, make it a continuously flowing thing.. hm)

dance geek

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sauteed shrooms

[another instrumental experiment]

sautéed shrooms

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the jams (ft. colin & sylvia)

recorded during a conversation in a room in Madison, Wisconsin, USA in August 2013. mixed here in Korea. I was wearing an MC5 shirt at the time. My brother, among other things, is a drummer, and even without a drumset (indeed, what you hear here are hands on pants and leather-soled shoed feet on a hardwood floor) he is capable of perpetrating serious funky beats. I had to record him. Yes, he and Sylvia (heard rapping) are now members of Damn Sight. (don’t tell them)


Kick out the jams!
Kick out the jams!


from Dailies: September 2013
Colin Bazsali: selfedged denim jeans and hard-leather soled shoes. and on the mic, yo.
MC Syliva Bazsali (his 10-yo daughter, pictured): on the mic, yo
Me: vocals and encouragement

the jams

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my opinion of Kanye

my opinion on kanye1now Kanye West is a douchebag
of the awkwardly unrepentant variety
but I must admit
I’m sincerely taken aback
by moments of breathtaking
awesomeness in his music

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swing it!


swing it

swing it to your left
swing it to your other left

swing your caboose
swing it ’til it’s nice and loose

swing it to the right
swing it ’til it’s tight

can you feel it?
can I feel it?

swing it to your left
swing it like you got nothin’ left

swing it all night
swing it to the right
swing it all day
swing it every day
swing it away
swing it on back!

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