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nightmares all night

really.. it was not a pleasant night

to Yanghee.. this one is SUPPOSED to be scary, so go ahead and be scared- composers love listeners like you! ^^


nightmares all night
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2 days gone

I recorded this months ago.  I haven’t been wasting my time lately.Slide 1

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I listen



I find myself at an impasse
But I can’t not listen
to the words I spoke
to the songs I wrote
in the 90s
Haven’t I squeezed every last bit
of wisdom I could gather
from those troubled years
by now?

I just listen again and again
and again
I listen



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microphone on

on a lonely rooftop with a beer and a can of chips
sitting on a ledge above a doorway

he planned his life
into a microphone on his phone

they’ve since locked the door
but it was too late..
the plans were already in motion


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…Don’t you?

I want to…

sleep soundly
be good
eat vegetables
be smart
sleep well
have friends
smell nice
live quietly.

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what to do

you know you’ve had days like this.

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the rhyme is as old as literature.. probably older.  I wonder what happened the first time someone deliberately said words that sounded alike and got a kick out of it.  Maybe they were burned at the stake.  Whatever the case, I’m pretty sure they didn’t fill space while thinking of more rhymes by shouting “yo, yo, check it out now..”

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