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Haeundae night (from Kevin’s veranda)

inspired by the great view (badly photographed here, I admit) of Haeundae beach from my friend Kevin’s veranda last night.

haeundae night

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busking on a bus (feat. Stuck C)

if you think people are overly critical of new music, you should try getting a baby grand piano on a city bus and playing for commuters. sheesh. ungrateful philistines!

busking on a bus (1)

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nightclub (I’m leaving now)

it's a very sad place
sensory deprivation
darkness and laserlights
No one can talk in this din
Drinks are priced for the rich and/or stupid
No one really dances
They're just people watching
taking selfies
And halfheartedly gyrating
Maybe they saw someone famous doing this
Maybe they saw it in a movie
But there is nothing meaningful happening in here
and I'm leaving now


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the voice of fear

for my brother


I heard a voice call my name
it was a voice that
tells me I will always be the same
it’s a voice that lies
it’s a voice of fear
and I’m not listening anymore
the voice of fear
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can’t be bothered

sorry about the peaking.. and sorry about not putting a lot of effort into today’s song.

can't be bothered

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[a bit on the sappy side, this instrumental was brought on by looking through lots of old things of mine and tons of photos from my childhood]


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Day Rain (ambient)

guitar, piano, processing – me

wine glass – Misun


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birthday jinx


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