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New album RELEASED

It’s called “That Machine” and it’s available now (name your price on Bandcamp).


This album is experimental in that hundreds of sounds and techniques were used to arrive at new sounds and combinations to be thrown against the wall to see what stuck. A great many did not and were discarded. This nearly half an hour of music is the fruit of those experiments.
I set out to build a structure of sounds which I intended to move into and live within comfortably. In a way, because of the personal nature of this music, its release feels to me like a housewarming party.
It consists of elements of rock and (so-called) post-rock, ambient, atmospheric, electronic, spacey psychedelic, lo-fi, and noise, blending fuzz guitars, light switches, chemistry equipment, distant voices, an array of large air-conditioning units, real thunder, rain and hail, a glitching computer, steel wall cabinets, an electric bass played unconventionally, a building’s internet router, and dozens of digital effects and soft synth plugins.
The programmatic narrative, if there is one, frames the music as somehow the result of switching on a fictional machine which induces aural dreaming. Of course, what such a machine might look like or any visual imagery brought on by the music is entirely up to the listener. (I have working titles for the different sections of the album, but am withholding them out of deference to the listeners’ imaginations.)
I hope you like my new home.


Take care!

As ever,

Gordon (DamnSight)

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